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Executive Director’s Message

By Wayne D. Fausnaught, Executive Director

I would like to welcome you to the National Association of Pupil Services website. We are continuously updating the website for our membership.

NAPSA’s mission is “to advocate for a superior system of education by influencing public policy, legislation and regulations through scholarly practice, exemplary professional development programs and support services promoting ethical standards of practice for the profession”. In 2016, NAPSA celebrated its 50th anniversary. During this time, there has been a myriad of challenges and a tremendous increase in responsibilities for pupil services directors. It is a new and exciting time.

The members of the Executive Board have pledged to utilize up-to-date technology in offering NAPSA’s membership the support they need in meeting the vision “to provide excellent programs and services essential for student success”. We are providing members with monthly e-mail information entitled NAPSA TIDBITS focusing on best practices, important legislation and current happenings in NAPSA, along with the revised “NAPSA NEWS”.

In June of 2016, the Executive Board voted to provide NAPSA’s members with a one million dollar professional liability plan. In the event a member is faced with a lawsuit arising from his/her profession, the NAPSA’s professional liability plan will pay all the defense costs, and if necessary, provide up to $1 million for a judgment or settlement. The policy protects members against a broad range of exposures, such as injury to students under their supervision, failure to educate, violation of student rights, and improper placement of students.

Additionally, the plan will reimburse legal fees incurred in due-process job protection matters. Members may receive up to $500 for consultation with an attorney of their choice, up to $750 for attorney’s services resulting from a request for a formal hearing, and up to $4,000, subject to $100 deductible, if the member decides to sue because of a job action and the judgment is in the member’s favor.

As another benefit, NAPSA members can purchase professional liability insurance, life and health insurance, car insurance and long term care insurance at a discounted rate through Forrest T. Jones and Company, Inc.

I am committed to working collaboratively with you to meet new challenges and insure your needs are met. I encourage you to communicate with us by sharing your needs and your successes. You are invited to become active in the association and together we can meet the new challenges and make a difference.