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Legislative Agenda

Ted Kozlik, Ed. D. Legislative and Public Policy Advisor
The NAPSA Legislative Agenda is shaped by recommendations of federal and state policy issues that have an impact on the administration of pupil services, the constituents of NAPSA’s membership and most importantly, all recipients of pupil services.  The NAPSA Legislative Committee reviews, analyzes and adopts a position on legislative proposals or issues for formal disposition to become a unifying voice in the implementation of the pupil services process.
Initiate, develop and enact NAPSA legislative proposals to implement association goals and objectives.
Review, analyze and adopt written positions on federal/state/local policy issues, bills, proposed/rules and regulations and practices that impact the delivery of pupil services.
Articulate the views of NAPSA to legislators through contact by telephone, written correspondence, electronic communication and/or personal contact.
Work with State Boards of Education, the Legislature, the public and press to promote the proper purposes and expectations of pupil services administrators in delivering quality education and services to pupils.
Disseminate legislative information to the membership
Seek input and opinions of NAPSA members to better represent their respective interests
Regularly and consistently lobby for issues pertinent to pupil services.
Provide assistance to legislators and where appropriate, to develop and influence the passage of legislation beneficial to the recipients of pupil services.
Maintain and strengthen effective liaisons/relationships with other professional organizations and groups such as the IDEA Partnership and the National Alliance of Pupil Services Organizations (NAPSO) to implement and improve interactive and cross-stakeholder activities at the federal, state and local levels.
The NAPSA Legislative Agenda is reviewed annually by the Executive Board.
Approved May 20, 2006